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JBL Live 500BT Black – Over-ear bluetooth headphones


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The best just got better with the JBL Live 500BT(2019) JBL introduces fantastic Bluetooth headphones. With the 50mm drivers, these headphones have a wide, deep and full sound that you can enjoy for 30 hours. That’s an average of 450 songs that you listen non-stop in a row. After only 2 hours on the charger, the headphones are fully charged again and within 15 minutes you have 2 hours of battery again thanks to the fast charging function. These headphones also have Ambient Mode that allows you to hear the environment (useful for cycling) and TalkThru Mode that allows you to just talk to your friends without taking off your headphones. As if this wasn’t enough, the headphones also support Google Assistant, so you can easily control your music and ask all your questions without looking at your phone.

Features of the JBL Live 500BT

Enhanced full and deep sound
Thanks to the 50mm drivers, the JBL Live 500BT delivers the legendary JBL sound as you know it from concerts, studio recordings and at home. Now even wider, fuller and deeper. You can now also adjust the sound to your preferences with the JBL Headphone app.

30 hours battery, 2 hours fast charging
The JBL Live 500BT has 30 hours battery life and fully charges within 2 hours. That is an average of 450 songs that you can listen to one after the other without charging.

Ambient Aware and TalkTrhu
Leave the music on while you can hear the environment that is going on around you. This way you are a lot safer with your headphones on the bike. In addition, you also have the TalkThru mode that turns the music a lot quieter so that you can just talk to anyone without taking off your headphones.,

Google Assistant
The JBL Live 500BT has built-in support for the Google Assistant and thanks to the built-in microphone you can easily your commands give to this. The microphone can also be used to make wireless calls.

The headphones have Bluetooth 4.2, so you can easily connect them to all your favorite devices such as the Apple iPhone or iPad and the Samsung Galaxy. In addition, you can also listen to your favorite music with the included cable, provided your phone has a connection.

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