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Philips TAKH402PK – Wireless kids headphones – Purple

Sturdy, flexible children’s headphones with LED lighting and volume limitation up to 85dB


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Let your children shine with these wireless funky Philips TAKH402 on-ear headphones with illuminated ear cups. The volume of these headphones is limited to 85dB and therefore very safe for children. With the LED panel in the ear cup, children can brighten their style with colorful lighting. In addition, the headphones are super flexible and sturdy and ideal for children to play endlessly.

20 hours of playtime: No cables, no tangles

Kids will love these wireless on-ear headphones whether on the road or behind a screen for a week. They get 20 hours of play time on a single charge: enough for a few days or more.

32 mm acoustic drivers. Clear sound

Specially designed to protect young ears, these headphones feature 32mm acoustic drivers limited to 85dB. You don’t have to worry because you can rest assured that your children will enjoy their music, videos and games safely.

Comfortable ear and headband cushions: Perfect for young ears

The soft auricle pads and soft headband are comfortable with the kids, whether they are listening to music or watching their favorite You-Tube stars.

Adjustable ear cups: Includes stickers

A set of stickers is even included, so kids can decorate these headphones the way they want!

Folds flat and compact: Easy to store

These wireless on-ear headphones for kids have a smart design that folds in two directions. You can fold the design flat, ideal for storing in a drawer in the bedroom. You can also fold it flat and inwards, creating a compact bundle that fits in jacket pockets and bags.

Flexible, adjustable headband: Turn and bend

The strong, flexible headband adjusts easily and is strong enough to last in a backpack or fall to the floor. It can even be turned hard without breaking. Whatever the children do, their headphones will remain intact.

LED lights in the earcups

The earcups have LED lights that light up for an extra funky style. You can choose from four variants: red, green, blue or a combination of all three! Simply press the button on the earcup to scroll through the light options.

Smart coupling. Search for Bluetooth devices automatically

If you long press the multifunction button once, these wireless Bluetooth headphones are ready to pair. Once paired, the headphones will remember the last device they paired with.

User-friendly button operation

With the easy-to-use button, children can easily make calls, skip songs or pause what they are listening to. And all without touching the smartphone. The volume buttons on the bottom of the earcup are easy to access, as is the LED button.

Volume limited to 85 dB

You don’t have to worry because you can rest assured that your children will enjoy their music, videos and games safely.

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