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Samsung Evo 64 GB Micro SD class 10 with adapter


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Capture your valuable moments the faster the better. This Ultra High Speed ​​memory card falls into the UHS-1 category, so it saves photos and videos four times faster than a typical microSD card.

Faster copying
Copy 660 photos per minute. A transfer rate of up to 90MB per second means you spend less time copying images and more time taking your own photos.

The ideal partner
Make the most of the latest smartphones, tablets, and cameras. This memory card works perfectly with the most modern devices to protect your memories for life.

Stunning capacity
Store up to 37,270 photos, 1,110 minutes of video or 14,990 songs. Put more media files and apps on your smartphone or tablet. This way you always have the certainty that you have more than enough space.

Full HD video
Capture the moments that matter as vividly as possible. Record beautiful Full HD videos to securely capture every memory as yesterday.

Resistant to water
Samsung memory cards can withstand up to 24 hours in seawater.

Resistant to heat and cold
These memory cards can withstand temperatures from -25 to +85 ° Celsius.

Protected against X-rays
The cards protect your valuable files against damage caused by airport X-ray equipment.

Protected against magnetism
They can even withstand magnetic fields up to 13 times stronger than those of Home Theater speakers.

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